Differences between DAPE and DES

In Delaware the Engineering profession is "self regulating." "The Delaware Association of Professional Engineers" (DAPE) is established by law and consists of all the professional engineers licensed in Delaware. These "members" are selected by voting 12 of the 15 members of the "Council" of the DAPE with the remaining 3 being public members appointed by the Governor. The "Council" performs the duties of "The Board of Licensing for Engineers" in other states. Its Objectives are best described by Section 2804 of the Law.

"The Delaware Engineering Society, Inc." (DES) is a state society of the "National Society of Professional Engineers" (NSPE). It was previously known as "The Delaware Society of Professional Engineers" (DSPE). Any engineer or engineer intern may join the Society upon payment of the annual dues. Its mission is similar to that of NSPE which is best described by its WEB page.

For more information about DES, including contacts, please browse the DES Web Site.