Fundamental Engineers

Submit the application below to accomplish any of the following:


If you hold an ABET accredited engineering degree (or are a senior in an ABET-accredited program): go directly to to register for the FE exam. Exam fees will be paid directly to NCEES after they verify your education credentials. You will schedule your exam at a Pearson VUE testing center once you have completed the NCEES registration process. After you pass the FE (and have a qualifying degree or 15 years of approved engineering experience), you can return here to apply for Engineer Intern Certification.

If you hold a non-ABET accredited engineering, engineering technology or science-related to engineering degree: complete the application using the link below to receive approval to take the FE exam. Official transcripts should be sent from the University directly to DAPE electronically to or to the mailing address above. We do not accept transcripts directly from applicants.

Once you pass the FE exam, contact to complete the engineer intern certification process (you will not have to pay an additional fee or submit a new application).


If you have successfully passed the FE exam and would like to apply for certification as an Engineer Intern, complete the application below. Note: While DAPE does not require Engineer Intern Certification to be licensed as a P.E., some jurisdictions do have this requirement. Laws and requirements vary from State to State, and you are responsible for researching requirements if your intention is to get licensed elsewhere. Even if you have passed the FE exam, or have been certified as an Engineer Intern in another jurisdiction, the following conditions will apply for Engineer Intern Certification in Delaware:


We do allow decoupling the timing of your PE exam and engineering experience as long as you have met your education requirements. If you choose to take that route, you’ll need to apply below for Engineer Intern Certification. This is the process we have to verify your education, so you’ll need to do this even if you are certified in another state. All of the engineer intern certification requirements listed above apply.

Please email for additional information about decoupling prior to submitting this application.