Council and Committee Meetings Are Public Meetings

The public is invited to all meetings of the Council and its committees.

The Council meets on the second Wednesday of each month. Meetings are held in each of the three counties in Delaware, to provide an opportunity for the members of the Association to attend. Please contact the DAPE office to determine the location of future meetings.

The Examining Committee meets the last Wednesday of each month at the Association's office. A significant portion of the meeting is held in Executive Session, as the primary purpose of the Committee is to review the credentials of applicants for licensing. Only Committee members may attend the Executive Session portion of a meeting. Other topics are discussed in Open Session.

The Law Enforcement/Ethics Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month at the Association's office. The majority of this meeting is held in Executive Session to discuss current investigations in enforcement matters. Open Session is resumed when discussions do not involve specific investigations/disciplinary considerations.