There are ten standing committees established by the bylaws, with specific assigned tasks. Additionally, the President of Council may appoint Ad-Hoc Committees to consider specific issues.

Executive Committee -- Comprised of the officers of DAPE, this committee meets monthly prior to the Council meeting to discuss agenda items, to determine policy for consideration of Council, and is responsible for the management of Association property. The President of DAPE presides over this meeting.

Examining Committee -- This committee meets monthly to review applications for examination, licensure, Temporary Permits, Certificates of Authorization and Reinstatement requests. This committee is also responsible for the twice yearly administration of examinations. This is a hard-working group of professionals that dedicate significant time to the review of applications and should be commended for their tireless efforts.

External Affairs Committee
-- This committee is tasked with working with organizations, agencies or groups other than professional engineers in the interest of the profession.

Employee Comp./Benefits Comm.- This committee is charged with annually reviewing employee job descriptions, and employee evaluations.

Facilities Committee -- The Chair of the Facilities Committee is responsible for the equipment and services of the DAPE office.

Finance Committee -- The bylaws mandate this committee be chaired by the Vice President of Council and that the Treasurer of Council be a member. Charged with the selection of an auditing firm; administering the financial well-being of the organization; studying and reporting to Council on fees; preparing the annual budget; and insuring sufficient bonding and insurance levels are maintained. This committee schedules meetings on an as-needed basis.

Government Affairs/Bylaws Committee -- This combined committee serves as the liaison with government. It is also tasked with the review and proposed revisions of the Association bylaws and law.

Public Information Committee -- The function of this committee is to report Council actions to the membership of DAPE, etc. The committee is primarily responsible for publication of the "DAPE News," and educating the public on the engineering profession and DAPE.

Law Enforcement/Ethics Committee -- This committee's prime responsibility is to investigate any written or oral complaints by an identified complainant and provide a recommendation to Council for action. This group meets monthly and discusses issues related to disciplinary cases and alleged violations of the law and Code of Ethics. Individual members are also assigned as the investigator of a complaint to assist our professional investigator with the technical expertise needed. These meetings never lack intense discussion!

Nominating Committee -- The Chair of this Committee, appointed by the President of Council, represents a category which is not being contested in a Council election. If petitions are not received for all contested Council seats, the Nominating Committee shall nominate sufficient consenting members of the Association to complete the ballot.

DAPE members are actively involved in all aspects of the work behind the scenes. Chairs of committees must be Council members and are appointed by the President of Council, however, DAPE members are encouraged to participate in DAPE activities by volunteering their service on committees.